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At Vaheed Bayette DDS, we specialize in geriatric dentistry in Mission Valley. If you’ve wondered - do elderly people need a dentist specializing in geriatric dentistry? The answer is - yes. We are here to provide good dental care for the elderly.

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Geriatric Dentistry, defined

Every year people are statistically living longer and longer.

Dental care geared around the oral care of older patients is the general subject of geriatric dentistry. As we age, our teeth and mouths change, requiring specific management and diagnosis, prevention and treatment. At Vaheed Bayette DDS, we are your trust geriatric dentist in Mission Valley, having years of experience under our belt dealing with older patients.

What We Do

Older patients react differently to dental procedures, and we take a very delicate and measured nature in our dental procedures.

We also know how to handle and work with patients who have increased sensitivity to medications used in dentistry. Also being highly adept in this field, we are able to work closely with our patients and caregivers to work in tandem with any other treatments our patients are going through. We also understand different gum and root issues that can arise just by a matter of age. We’ve got the best procedures to address these issues, whether we need to do gum treatment, dental implants, dentures or other restorative procedures.

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The Difference

Dr. Vaheed Bayette did 1 year of general practice residency at the Veterans Administration Hospital, and following this, 2 years of Geriatric Fellowship at the VA.

He is well trained in the prevention, diagnosis, management, and treatment of issues concerning age-related diseases. Understanding the link between oral health and overall wellness, we work with our patients to prevent issues that could lead to other diseases in the body. Not only does this provide longer life, but also a higher quality of life. We are aware that geriatric dentistry is an area that is under-explored and overlooked, which is why at Vaheed Bayette DDS we want you to know that we care and are here for all our older patients. Not only that, we understand that special care and understanding is needed for such patients.

“Excellent service. I highly recommend them. Their work and prices are great. Nice modern facility and caring staff"
Dr. Bayette has been my dentist for approximately 17 years, and he and his staff are truly the best."
“This is my main Mission Valley dentist now, besides the exemplary care they provide they also have excellent customer service."
“Dr. Bayette's work is superb. He has done a root canal and dental crown for me, two veneers on my front teeth and has replaced all my old silver fillings for porcelain fillings."
“I've been going to Dr. Vaheed forever, it seems, and I've recommended him to everyone I know who tells me they need a dentist in Mission Valley."
“Dr. Bayette explains everything thoroughly. He is very honest about the work you may have to have done and the work that can wait with some monitoring."
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